A Grim Realization (Babies 9 & 10)

-:- Kurtt’s POV -:-Screenshot-17 (2)

I held onto Kate’s hand as I waited for her response. I had just laid everything out on the table for her. I wanted her… no, needed her, to be a part of my life. I’ve known this from the moment I had first laid eyes on her at the summer festival after she first moved to town.

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An Unexpected Question


As I walked through the doors to my home in Barnacle Bay, I felt… different. I had learned things I never knew were possible… and I had witnessed things I probably couldn’t have dreamt of in even my wildest of dreams – and I have a pretty vivid imagination.

A couple of days ago I had received a call from one of Aiden’s children, Mayhem. He hadn’t explained much other than telling me I needed to get on a plane and meet him in Monte Vista asap because his father’s life depended on it. I dropped everything as soon as he had ended the call… I yelled upstairs for Jessica asking her to stay just a couple more days with the kids because there was something urgent I had to do out of town, quickly packed a small carry-on bag while I waited for my taxi to arrive, and rushed to the airport.

When I arrived in Monte Vista, Mayhem had met me at the airport, hugged me quickly for coming, and then gave me a piece of paper with directions on where to meet him later. That meeting changed everything for me. For one, it confirmed for me what Jessica had been frightened of, that our hometown of Bridgeport was full of vampires. It also made me realize that there truly was evil in the world… I’m the type of person that even though I can be bitchy and rude (if someone is that way to me first usually!) I still try to see the good in people. And I truly, deeply, believe that people are good at heart. But seeing what happened to Aiden… it made me wonder if I was actually correct…

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Could it be Love? (Babies 6, 7 & 8)


Hello?” I said into my cell phone groggily as I looked out the window to see that the sun was barely rising still.

Good morning Kate,” my sponsor’s voice rang through the speaker of my cell phone. “I haven’t woken you, have I?

Actually yeah… you kinda did…” I said somewhat grumpily. I was never a morning person, and having children still hadn’t changed this part of me.

Oh, well my sincerest apologies then. But I was hoping that we could meet today, since your daughter has been born,” he said smoothly.

Oh, yeah I suppose we could,” I responded. ‘How did he know about that though?‘ I thought to myself.

Fantastic! There is a park across the street from your home. Shall we rendezvous there around say… 10:30?” he asked.

Sure, sounds great. I’ll see you then,” I said sleepily before I clicked my phone off.

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A Sassy Teenwolf (Baby 5)


I looked around Alec’s new nursery and smiled to myself as I snuggled my newest child close to me. The mysterious man who owned the house I lived in and was now my baby challenge “sponsor” of sorts had insisted on re-doing it for the birth of my son. It was all done up in purple, Alec’s favorite color.

I set him down so he could explore it for himself, and I saw a smile appear instantly on his face as he realized the entire room was purple. The paint on the walls, his crib, even his baby swing. My sponsor had really spared no expense.

Do you like your room sweetheart?” I asked Alec, and he just nodded his head happily and headed over to play with his new purple playtable. “Good, I’m so glad! Your nursery really is beautiful…” I trailed off, wondering just who my sponsor was, and why he was helping me with this.

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The Mysterious Caller (Baby 4)


I had thought that having a werewolf child was difficult enough, but my twins have decided to prove me wrong on that point… However now that Tanya was a child, she wasn’t keen on destroying my furniture anymore, which my wallet was thankful for. She did quite enjoy playing dress-up though, and presiding over her imaginary royal court every morning as I made breakfast. I couldn’t imagine that I had the capacity to love someone so much, yet my werewolf child held my heart in a way I never knew possible.

If I loved each of my children this much, then I was going to have a very happy life indeed.

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You’re Still My Daughter (Babies 2 & 3)


I was finally starting to settle into Barnacle Bay and the life of being a mom. I kept busy cleaning the house (which seemed to constantly be a disaster zone for some reason) and chasing after my very speedy little Tanya.

As I was cleaning the bathroom my phone started ringing. I could hear a loud commotion going on just outside the bathroom door, but I figured it was just Picasso getting into trouble as per usual, so I took the call.

Hello?” I said into my cell phone as I clicked the green button to answer the call.

“Why hello there! May I please speak to Kate Harper?” said a rough voice.

This is she. May I ask who’s calling?” I responded, unsure who could possibly be calling me.

“Oh, hello Kate! This is the Barnacle Bay Post calling. We recently got wind that you were deciding to take up the 100 Baby Challenge, is this correct?” said the man on the other end of the call.

Uh, yeah it is. I’ve only just started though.” I said nervously. ‘How could the newspaper have heard about this already??‘ I thought to myself. ‘I only just had my first baby!

“That’s fine, we were just hoping to ask you some questions and so we could feature you in an article for tomorrow’s paper. It’s been a while since we’ve had a challenge mother use our lovely little island, and well, word has spread around to the locals about it and they’re anxious to get to know more about you!” the man said eagerly.

Oh, well okay then” I said. “Ask away!

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